What are Poppers?

Poppers is a fluid liquid in a small bottle (9-30ml). After the bottle is opened, the liquid evaporates and distributed in the air. The ingredients can be inhaled and start to trigger the body effects. This effect is reflected in a relaxation of the musculature. Sometimes until a short-term rush.

Which are the best Poppers?

Everyone needs to find out by himself. It's like with scented candles. The ones likes vanilla aroma and the other one likes strawberry flavour. Also with Poppers is it a matter of the individual taste.

What are amyl nitrite?

Amyl nitrite is a chemical compound for a formula. It is in use in the medicine and it has a psychoactive effect. (Wikipedia)

Poppers side effects?

Side effects of taking Poppers can be: Headaches and temporary erectile problems.If it will be spilled on the skin it can burn it.
More rarely side effects can be: neurologic dysfunction, asphyxia, cardiovascular depression, carbon monoxide poisoning, pulmonary, arrhythmias, hepatorenal toxicity, methemoglobinemia, mucosal, skin irritation and facial dermatitis. With chronic use neurological damage may occur.

Are Poppers drugs?

the people, the politicians, governments, courts, lawyers and many others argue about it. The active ingredients of poppers were used already over 100 years ago in medicine and still do. In some countries poppers count as medicament, in others countries as a drug.

Poppers recipe?

I don't think that the maker of Poppers brands will publish the recipe somewhen. It is like with every other recipe. Or do you know the recipe of Coka Cola? ;-)

Poppers shop?

You can find in the Internet some poppers shops. For example this Poppers shop.

What are alkyl nitrites?

Alkyl nitrites are a chemical structure. It is used in medications in the 19th century. This nitrites are inhaled for relief of angina and other heart-related symptoms. (Wikipedia)

Poppers online?

To buy Poppers online is very simple. Choose the desired product in the shop and order. The package will be delivered in Europe within a few days. Also completely anonymous . The package is 100% neutral. For Example in our Poppers Shop

Where to buy Poppers?

Popper is, depending on the country, available in sex shops or online shops. For Example in our Poppers Shop.

Poppers sex...?

Poppers has a very relaxing effect. Therefore, it is just very well suited for anal sex. But it also enriched normal sex. By raising awareness of the senses, it enhances sexual pleasure enormously .

How to use Poppers?

Poppers are inhaled . Normally, the is the open bottle placed in the room and the scent can distributed. Like a room fragrance. But some people hold the bottle directly under the nose and breathe it in directly. This can quickly lead to an overdose resulting with strong health damage .